A fanfare, a resounding fanfare, if you please!

Because as of now every month there will be a winner, whom we shall celebrate. So a fanfare is only right and proper. Who’s it in honour of? Let me explain – taking things in due order.

There was quite a lot happening on our blogs during July: postings on 40 million special bottles, some sensitively versatile valves, staff from all over the world, and the kitchen table at home. We went on an outing to the Ballermann, and then demonstrated our mathematical skills – and all this just on our corporate blog.

The craft beer blog in early July saw us crossing the border to Czechia, before we visited some of our machines in Michigan, USA, and finally made a pilgrimage to Lake Schliersee.

And with all these articles, there’s one thing we find particularly gratifying: that our readers stayed with us and told us what they’re thinking, and that’s precisely the reason why we believe it’s time to pay more attention to the comments in our blogs.

We were delighted, for instance, to see the enthusiasm expressed in a comment under our article on Markus Wasmeier – and we entirely agree, Bavaria has a lot to offer! That, too, was why numerous readers have told us why they would love to visit the outdoor museum on the banks of Lake Schliersee, and what they associate with Markus as a person. Jam sandwiches, for example, but also tradition, and skiing, of course.

What we like best of all, of course, is when we notice that our readers like our articles, and find them genuinely interesting – and perhaps even contribute their own ideas and wishes for future postings. And it’s precisely from the comments that we appreciated most that we’ve put together a Top 5 comments of the month:


1st place goes to a nice name proposed for our social media rating system:

(K)ROSE: (Krones) return on social engagement.
Just a suggestion for your rhetorical question above. But it depends on what you’re going to measure :).

 2nd place has been awarded to a particularly attentive and inquisitive reader who a few short minutes after publication demonstrated keen interest:

Since I work for Krones and have just got back from a holiday on Mallorca, I would be rather interested to know what the two hits concerned are called -! 😉

 3rd place deservedly went to a comment that not only praises us, but also provides an idea for a future posting:

These stories about the past are always nice to read, and old photos are brilliant. I’d love to see an illustrated trip into the past with pictures from the 1960s and 1970s.

Best wishes, Sylvia

 4th place goes to an equally original suggestion for what to call our social media performance indicators:

Considering your customers’ products, we could call the figures “hics”, couldn’t we?! 😉

Best wishes from Magdeburg

 5th place belongs to some kind words that put a smile on our faces:

But honestly, time and time again you guys come up with the best ideas!! Great stuff, and keep up the good work!


Your comment wasn’t one of the winners this month? Never mind, because next month it may be your turn! We had so much fun reading your feedback that in future we shall be selecting our top comments every month.

We’re always delighted to receive praise, suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism! 🙂