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Yoga and beer – a match made in heaven?

Does this sound familiar? After work, you don ’t really feel like doing any proper exercise? Perhaps just a bit of yoga? But you’d much rather flop down on the settee or sit in the nearest pub and drink a beer? An alternative idea: what about some beer yoga? There you’ve got both of them covered. You’re wondering what it is? Well, I’ve tested it out for you.

Lots of people are familiar with yoga, of course. But what has it got to do with beer? Quite simple: with beer yoga, the beer bottle is incorporated into the exercises involved. And the best thing about it? You can repeatedly take a gulp of beer while you’re doing them. Sounds great? That’s because it is. At least that was my own experience.

As the 45 minutes of beer yoga begin, I’m sitting together with ten other participants on the spread-out yoga mats. Ready – steady – go: we all hold our bottle in both hands. In unison, we plop open the swing-stopper bottles. First step? Right, to start with we all take a gulp of beer.

We then perform lots of different exercises with the open bottle of beer. For the non-yoga-aficionados among you, here are a couple of examples: the first one is the “tree” – we hold the beer bottle in both hands and stretch our arms upwards. Then we raise one leg and bend it at the knee. We then place the sole of our foot against the other knee. Another exercise we do after this is the “cobra”. How does this work? We lie on our stomachs and place the beer bottle directly in front of us. Then we place our hands on the floor and raise our entire torso. As a reward, to use the trainer’s encouraging term, there’s always a gulp of beer. And to finish up with? We all toast each other.

In conclusion, I can only say “cheers” to beer yoga. I thought it was a lot of fun. After all, it’s doubly relaxing – with both yoga and beer. But of course I’m only telling you how much I personally liked it. Do you also have any experience of beer yoga? Then simply write in and tell us about it 😉


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