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What do you give a beer-lover for Christmas?

Giving someone a bottle of beer for Christmas is pretty unimaginative, isn’t it? But – if your beloved is a beer fan, it would in fact be almost the ideal present :-). So if you’re still on the lookout for some suitable ideas for the festive season, then I’ve got the ultimate list of presents here for you!

Craft beer cookery book

  • The ideal Christmas present for creative beer-lovers who like to combine good beer with good food.
  • Costs: approx. € 35

Here you will find what in my opinion is one of the best craft beer cookery books (in German). The food blogger and gastro-journalist Torsten Goffin has joined forces with celebrity chef Stevan Paul to list the best-tasting craft beers and what meals they go best with. Have you already found out what beer harmonises with your own favourite meal? Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration here :-).

Craft beer brewing course

  • Perfect for would-be hobby brewers and dedicated beer-drinkers who want to learn now about the liquid hop-based gold
  • Costs: € 60 – 89

Craft beer is revered by its fans not least because it’s made by hand. With a lot of love and bold delight in experimentation, even as a brewing layperson you can also “take the plunge” and venture into hands-on beer production yourself.

This kind of brewing course is meanwhile available almost everywhere – there’s bound to be one near you! Your best bet is to have a look here: MyDays, in almost every large brewery or just google it on the net :-).

Meiningers Craft – Magazine subscription

  • For all beer-lovers who always want to have the very latest reports, information and events themed around the craft beer scene hot off the press delivered to their own homes.
  • Costs: € 28 a year

Here you can subscribe to this cool craft beer magazine and give someone pleasure the whole year round. Well worth reading in my opinion.

Staying overnight in a beer barrel

  • The perfect surprise for nature-lovers of both genders who like something a bit out of the ordinary, and aren’t that keen on traditional-type tents.
  • Costs: € 130 – 199

From MyDays, Jochen Schweizer or through various campsites – numerous facilities are meanwhile offering this unusual option for an overnight stay. Most of the vouchers are valid for 2 people and 2 nights.

“Stubby“ bottle-opener

  • Decorative, unusual bottle-opener for beer fans who attach great importance to stylish design.
  • Costs: approx. € 30

This merchandise is a bit expensive at around 30 euros, but looks amazing, and is also an absolute eye-catcher in the kitchen or at your next private beer party.

Craft Beer Box

  • For craft beer know-it-alls and those who would like to become one
  • Costs: € 20

You know someone who just loves to show off his/her knowledge of craft beer? Then this is definitely the ideal present for your wise guy :-). You can order this cool beer quiz here.

Beer mug lantern

  • For beer aficionados with romantic ambitions
  • Costs: € 9.99

These cool lanterns made of paper are easy to assemble, and then you can settle down to a cosy hyggelig evening, some delicious mulled beer and Christmas cookies :-).

You’ve got some more gift ideas worth being listed? Then feel free to post them in the comments! I’m looking forward to them and hope you have a lot of fun buying your presents!

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