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Time for a beer! – Here are some places where the ambience redoubles the pleasure

You don’t give your friends a kiss on the cheek, you give them a beer in a glass! A motto enthusiastically adopted whenever beer-lovers get together: not at home, but in den best taverns on the beer scene. During my numerous trips to other cities, I repeatedly attempt to mix with the beer aficionados and acquire some insider tips on the best pubs and bars. Have fun testing them out! I would be really pleased to get some feedback from you in the comments :-).


The Kaschk in Berlin

In the daytime it’s one of the most popular coffee bars – in the evening, it’s where the craft beer lovers meet up. I’m talking about the Kaschk in Berlin. With its out-of-the-ordinary concept, this bar offers not only regional beers, but also exotic beers imported from Scandinavia, plus brilliant coffee in all possible forms and taste combinations :-).

If the Kaschk doesn’t tick all your boxes, how about a visit to the Hopfenreich in Berlin Kreuzberg? What makes the Hopfenreich so unique? Read about it here!

Where to find it: Linienstrasse 40, D-10119 Berlin


The Amber Bistro in Munich

Drop a thirsty guy off in Munich, and within a few minutes he’ll be getting a good beer to drink – very probably a lager. Nothing wrong with that, but Munich has a whole lot more to offer in terms of craft beer. You can get an expertly tapped glass of really good stuff in the Amber Bistro.

Where to find it: Tegernseer Landstrasse 25, D-81541 Munich


The Zapfhahn in Bamberg

Besides superlative homemade burgers, like the Cubano Smash Burger or my absolute Number One, the Strammer Max Burger, Zapfhahn Bamberg also offers a select range of regional and international craft beers. This was definitely one of my favourite haunts while I was a student in Bamberg.

Where to find it: Untere Sandstrasse 14, D-96049 Bamberg

The Cafe Abseits in Bamberg

When the words “craft beer” were not on everyone’s lips, there was already a small pub tucked away in an unobtrusive back street offering its guests these specialty beers. Since 1990, the former students’ pub round the corner – the Cafe Abseits – has gradually evolved into a meeting-point for beer-lovers, hobby and professional brewers from all over the world. Not only Franconia’s the two leading craft beer experts, Martin Droschke from Coburg and Norbert Krines from Kulmbach, recommend this gem in Bamberg to anyone who wants to savour out-of-the-ordinary craft beers away from the over-trendy, overpriced beer pubs. My absolute favourite in my hometown of Bambärch :-).

Where to find it: Pödeldorfer Str. 39, D-96052 Bamberg


The Pinte in Bonn

Finding an authentic craft beer bar in Bonn is presumptively a bit more difficult, but at least there’s a cosy, countrified students’ pub called the Pinte, directly in Bonn’s historic centre. When I was visiting one of my friends there, we discovered this gem. The little pub stocks around 65 different beers, 50 of them craft beers – so there’s plenty of choice for present and prospective beer-lovers 🙂

Where to find it: Breite Strasse 46, D-53111 Bonn


The Braustelle in Cologne

They have no idea about beer in Cologne?? A vile and baseless slander! There is, for example, a tavern that for about 15 years has already been offering solely self-brewed beer in “appropriately” sized drinking vessels – the Braustelle in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, the small brewery in Cologne. Here you can enjoy around 15 different craft beers, including brands like the “Pink Panther“” or the “Wilde Wutz”. The proprietor, Peter Esser, not only gives 100% in his tavern, he even organises a regular Craft Beer Festival for showcasing beer cultures, in the neighbouring community centre. That’s what I call a genuine beer-lover :-).

Where to find it: Christianstr. 2, D-50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld

In these taverns, the love of beer is embraced to the full in every single phase: you can feel it with every delicious quaff :-).

Do you know another bar or pub that definitely ranks among your favourites in terms of pure beer-themed enjoyment and deserves to be listed here? Then let us know and post it in the comments!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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