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The brewing power station

At Krones, specialists have long since been busily designing energy-economical machines and lines for brewing and filling beer. Prize-winning products like the Stromboli wort boiling system, the EquiTherm energy recovery system, or the low-temperature brewery have in the past few years made for a significant reduction in thermal-energy and power consumption. Now Krones is taking yet another major step forward: with a holistically engineered concept describing the Brewery of the Future, Krones intends to create a vision for upcoming developments.

What lies behind the “Brewery of the Future” project is the idea of developing a brewing facility that can manage entirely without fossil fuels and can ideally extract from the residual materials involved a sufficiently large amount of thermal energy and electricity for running the entire brewing operation. Given the production processes and methods for energy recovery currently being used, this has so far not been possible throughout. So Krones set out on a quest for ideas and concepts covering both sides of the energy utilisation balance: the brewing process on the one hand, energy provision on the other.

At the drinktec 2017 Felix Will explains the concept:

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