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#Steinecker: THE brand for brewers


Beer is rightly regarded as one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages. Which is why our clients, the brewers, are so fond of questions regarding the very latest technologies for brewing it. Our answer is: #Steinecker.

As the brewers among you will know: Steinecker is the Krones brand when it comes to brewing. But would you have known that Steinecker was originally an autonomous company? It was founded back in 1875 in Freising, to the north-east of Munich, and specialised in manufacturing machines for breweries and malthouses. It has been owned by Krones since 1994. Today, more than 450 staff at the Steinecker facility develop and produce brewing and filtering kit. And it’s there, of course, that the ideas for new technologies and systems for beer production are born.

For the big players …

The Steinecker brand has meanwhile proved its worth at breweries all over the world, as evidenced by a glance at our extensive list of prestigious clients:

  • Germany
    At its new facility inaugurated last year, the Paulaner Brewery uses Steinecker kit throughout for its brewing operations. Two brewing lines, the entire process technology for yeast, the cold zone and the cleaning equipment, all bear the name of “Steinecker”.
  • Ireland
    The new Diageo Brewery is breaking all records: it’s the world’s biggest stout brewery. Three new brewing lines are equipped with Steinecker’s technology. Brewhouse No. 4 alone produces a billion pints of Guinness a year – this gigantic output is due not least to Europe’s biggest lauter tun, which was manufactured at Steinecker’s plant in Freising.
  • Brazil
    To enable the customers’ thirst for beer to be adequately quenched during the football World Cup, Grupo Petrópolis had invested in two new brewing facilities. Krones was awarded both these projects as turnkey jobs, and the process sections of the two new facilities were designed to incorporate the very latest Steinecker solutions for beer production.


… and the small guys

However, we are perfectly able to empathize not only with the big players but with the small guys, too. As we have demonstrated impressively when it comes to being a dependable partner for the up-and-coming craft brewer scene. The CombiCube family was Steinecker’s first coup for offering “Made by Steinecker” technology to smaller breweries as well. The family includes a compact brewhouse, a cellarage unit, and a filtration system. These solutions, with their low output levels, are ideally suited for craft brewers’ needs. You’d like to familiarise yourself with all our solutions for the small output range? Then please take a look at this: craftbrewing.krones.com. This website is our online flagship for our product portfolio themed around craft brewing.

And this Steinecker kit works just fine in practice, as evidenced by stories from clients all over the world: just click through our online magazine or simply order the latest issue of the Krones magazine, where five craft brewers from the USA relate how satisfied they are with Krones’ and Steinecker’s solutions.

All in all, an impressive spectrum that Krones covers with its Steinecker brand, wouldn’t you agree? Reason enough for us to include #Steinecker in our hashtag ads campaign – and thus upgrade brand awareness levels still further.

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