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Special gifts for beer fans

Christmas is coming! At last we can stroll through the Christmas markets, drink some mulled wine, or bake some biscuits. And no less important: the hunt for the best presents is meanwhile upon us. You don’t have any presents for your nearest and dearest yet? If they love beer, these ideas may perhaps be worth thinking about.

Because you can conjure up wonderful presents from beer bottles and crowns. Without spending a lot of money either. I’ve put together a few ideas for you here.

Advent calendar

Okay, that’s perhaps not strictly a present for Christmas itself. And the first little doors (what a pity) will now have to be opened all at once. But you needn’t be idle during the run-up to Christmas! And the joyful anticipation deserves a bit of encouragement. So how about an Advent calendar full of beer? This one here isn’t even difficult to make: start by procuring 24 different beers. Then simply wrap them up, place them in a crate and stick numbers on them. And lo and behold: there’s your individualised Advent calendar for beer-lovers 😉 For all of you who feel this is too much like hard work, there are ready-made versions, of course – one of which we recently spotlighted in the blog.

Beer-bottle clock

It’s beer o’clock. As featured in this idea here: a clock made of beer bottles. Sounds good, and also looks great. The first part of the clock is quite simple and at the same time truly enjoyable. Think about it: you merely have to drink twelve beers so that you can use the empty bottles. Tip: it’s best to choose cool-looking bottles with an interesting design, or simply the favourite beers of the recipient. Second step: procure the clockwork movement. I googled this: simply enter “quartz clockwork movement” and order one. The prices start at about € 5. You’ll also need a wooden board, preferably a square one. Drill a hole through the middle of the wooden board and fit the clockwork movement in place. Then affix the beer bottles in a circle (each beer bottle for one hour) and then stick them on the wooden board. Et voilà. You’re looking at the world’s “coolest” clock.

Crown magnets

At home, my flatmate and I have a collection of crowns. We started it at one of the parties we gave in our flat. But we never knew exactly what to do with them. Till now. I’ve discovered something really brilliant. Crowns as magnets. Who wouldn’t want them affixed to his fridge? To make it a bit more personal for the present, you can stick pictures of shared memories in the crowns, or cards of places you’ve already been to. This strikes you as a good idea? Then start by cutting out pictures so that they fit inside the crowns. Then stick them in place, and allow to dry. Next, glue a magnet to the exterior of the crown. You think it’d look cooler if the logos of the breweries were visible on the magnets? Well, you can simply stick a piece of cork in the crowns and then affix the magnet to it. That’s it! I’m most certainly going to try this out. Perhaps my flatmate will soon be the proud owner of some new crown magnets.

Wooden sign with crowns

Our nearest and dearest need a cool new decoration? For the kitchen or living-room wall, perhaps? Then this present may be what you’re looking for. A wooden board with crowns. Simply procure some crowns, or perhaps you’ve already got some at home. Lots of different colours would be best. Then it will look much more polychromatic. Next, get hold of an oblong wooden board, and then use hammer and nails to affix crowns to it. Perhaps so they spell out BEER or BAR for the kitchen. Or something quite different. There are no limits to your creativity! And that’s your present done and dusted.

And finally? All that remains to be done for your presents is: wrap them up. You can hardly wait to watch your nearest and dearest opening them? I can imagine, and they’re bound to be delighted. So get cracking!

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