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Shower beer

Trends and have-a-go challenges are ten a penny on the net. Almost every week, something new turns up – whether it’s the Ice Bucket Challenge, where users all over the world pour a bucket of ice-cold water over their head, the human flag photo-trend (where extremely fit people pose horizontally on poles, fences or railings), or the Social Beer Challenge, which involves downing a beer in one, recording this glorious feat on video, and posting it on the net.

The ongoing hype likewise has something to do with beer – namely what is called “shower beer”. Shower beer? That may surprise you a bit, but it’s just as simple as it sounds. The shower beer is nothing other than a beer that’s consumed in the shower. Take a selfie and hey presto! Congratulations, you’re now truly trendy! Some of you will meanwhile perhaps be wondering what the point of it is, or even if it might be dangerous. After all, a glass bottle or a glass in a wet, slippery environment is seldom a good idea … But in any case common sense and prudence tend to be blithely neglected when it comes to most net-trends! There’s recently been a good example from the USA, where young people film themselves biting into Tide Pods…

But back to the shower beer! If you ignore the senselessness and the risk, a beer like this in the shower also offers quite definite advantages. The question of what comes first after a long day at work, “shower or first beer of the day?” no longer applies – you can do both at once. Even if under time pressure you’re going to be late for wetting your whistle with your friends, from now on there’ll be no need for catching up, since you’ll already have started while you’re still in the shower. This is, of course, conditional on a certain amount of skill in multitasking. Drinking a whole pint while taking a shower without it getting diluted, taking on the temperature of the water or giving you wrinkled fingers, is for most people more of a challenge than a pleasure.

And it’s precisely here that the Swedish craft brewery PangPang comes into play. Their fertile minds had tracked the net trend, identified the problems, and took action. Together with the creative agency Snask, the brewers have developed a beer specifically for consumption under the shower.

The Pale Ale is intended as a kick-off for the night, and accordingly has an abv of a solid 10 %. Moreover, the sweet little 180-ml bottle is visually, too, an absolute eye-catcher.In order to minimise the risk of injury, the lettering is raised, thus providing a non-slip grip. As the musical accompaniment for the treat, by the way, its creators recommend Roxette’s “Dressed for Success”. One integrated life hack is the fact that the shower beer can also be used as a hair conditioner. Possibly a reason why the beer, according to the brewery itself, tastes “soapy”. With normal beers, this flavour would be perceived as a flaw, but for the shower beer it’s said to be somehow befitting. Quod esset demonstrandum.

At present, unfortunately, the creation is available only in Sweden, which is why I can’t speak from personal experience yet. They’re allegedly working on an international sales network, though. So as to qualify as at least half-way trendy, we have to make do in the shower with enjoying a beer from the brewery of our choice in an ordinary run-of-the-mill bottle. Or we can create a trend of our own – back to the roots – leaving shampoo and beer in their separate traditional roles and enjoying our beer in the good old way: at our leisure with friends, without photos, without frills – roughly in line with the motto “Relax, relish, replenish and rejoice!”

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