Sanktus investigates.

“You’ll never guess what’s happened. Last night they boiled him (Hans Kellerer) in a vat of dark wheat beer. You couldn’t make it up, could you?“

Yes, that’s really something out of the ordinary. No wonder that Sanktus is more than a little bit shaken, and begins to investigate.

And straight away we’re right there in the world of brewing, which Andreas Schröfl communicates with such authenticity in his book. After all, he knows what he’s talking about: he’s a fully qualified brewer who worked for many long years as a brewmaster.


So we’re all the more delighted that meanwhile this likable guy from Upper Bavaria has been with Krones for seven years as a Project Manager. At the facility in Freising, so he’s still closely involved with beer and the brewing processes.

And we’re even a bit more delighted that in addition to his day job Andi Schröfl is not only writing his next book, but will also be contributing to our blog. So if you want to hear more from him, feel free to drop by here more often in the future!

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