Perfectly Pairing Beer and BBQ

It’s February, but I look forward to summer already – not (only) for the sunny days, but for the many ways excellent tasting beer improves BBQ.

This is when I pull out my yearlong developed recipes and whip up some steak like no other. I derive my energy from an array of chilling beer in the fridge yet to be gobbled by waiting guests.

At the slightest opportunity, I find ways to improve my cooked meats; pairing wine and beer is my run-to option – I’ve already created an overview on my blog, if you want to look into that.

Nothing beats the excitement from an IPA or the smooth maltiness of an amber ale. You’ve just got to get your spice right and leave the rest to the grill. The outcome is always terrific!

Talk of the grill, which is better for beer – smoking or grilling? The matchup falls back on the food’s texture and spicing rather than its cooking process. Tweaking up flavors is the best way to grant you your desires – and of course, with the right cut of meat. “Tweaking up flavors” includes four things: combining marinade, choosing right wood, a delicious sauce, and pairing beer with your BBQ meals.

So, how can we choose the perfect beer to drink while enjoying your BBQ meals? Porters work the best for beef, Rauchbier is excellent for poultry, Helles and Lagers are perfect for seafood, and Pilsner is kind of an all-rounder; my kind of option for potatoes.

So, got a party coming up? Prep yourself a whooping recipe and let’s get on some tricks. Having a BBQ without beer is questionable. It is like having a pit without smoke, wood chips without being soaked or pieces of charcoal without fire.

It is alright to have some glasses of beer to drink along with your chews, but how about you get them cooking up your foods. Let me count the options:

1. As a marinade for prepping your meats

While mixing your spices, adding some beer is an excellent way to get its flavor into your food. The aroma travels into the strands of the meat, giving off inviting hints when the food is ready.

2. For flavoring your wood chips

It is one thing to have wood doing the smoking up, but next time, soak the chips in some beer. It is a moment of wonder how hints of malt transform the aroma of foods.

3. Improve your basting sauce.

Yes, with beer! What better way to make your mopping sauce taste incredible. Mix one cup of dark beer with 3 to 4 tablespoons of melted butter, a cup of honey, and a little ginger puree. Voila, wonderful tastes are at your mercy!

4. Create some moisture in the grill with some beer

You may combine the drink with water for the liquid pan or use beer only if you’re right on budget. The result is unexplainable – humidity combined with hearty flavors for delicious chops.

5. And of course as a barbecue sauce    

Come on! This is a must. Upgrade your BBQ sauce with a little drink and watch the tastes do wonders for your party. Trust me; your friends will stick around for long.

So, are you ready for your next BBQ-beer adventure? I am on the cue with you; it is confirmed to be a fantastic time.

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