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Pancakes – but this time a bit different

What’s your idea of a nice breakfast on a relaxed morning? Apart from not having to hurry, and being able to slurp your coffee at your leisure, I mean. Croissants, a delicious muesli, bacon and eggs, or even a pancake? I’m certain beer pancakes had never been on the menu. Sounds rather an acquired taste at first – I can meanwhile state: it tastes a bit unusual, but nevertheless it’s rather good. Because last weekend I ventured upon an experiment to see how I could meanwhile unobtrusively integrate beer into my breakfast: I thought the pancakes were great, and if you also like the idea of a more unusual breakfast, you’ll find the recipe here.

So what do you need to make beer pancakes? There are not really any out-of-the-ordinary ingredients: 100 g of flour, 25 ml of milk, 25 ml of malt beer, 2 eggs 10 g of vanilla sugar, approx. 230 of blueberries or simply some (seasonal) fruit of your choice. The quantities are ideal for two persons.


By the way, I can also imagine a savoury version of the beer pancakes. I haven’t tested it yet though – if anyone ventures to have a go at this variant, please feel free to tell me all about it in the comments. I’m always pleased to find new ideas for recipes. 😉


The preparation is child’s play, and doesn’t take up much time. You only need to allow time for the batter to rest. First you blend the eggs with the sugar, then sieve the flour over them. Mix it all together until you have a smooth mass, and add the milk and the beer one after the other. Now leave the batter to rest for an hour. After that, fry your pancakes in butter or oil and warm your fruit briefly in the pan as well. Serve and enjoy!

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