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What is the world’s strongest beer? The most expensive? And who are the heaviest drinkers? All these are questions themed around our favourite drink. Well, do you know the answers? If not: I’ve done a bit of research and collected a few interesting facts about our most cherished beverage.

– Let’s kick off straight away with the first question: which beer actually has the highest alcohol content? In 2011, it was the beer from the Schorschbock Brewery in Central Franconia. Now, though, it’s been left behind, by the Scots. At 67.5 %, the Snake Venom from the Brewmeister Brewery is the world’s strongest beer.

– “I’d like a beer, please.” – “That’ll be € 3.50.” A typical conversation with the waitress at a restaurant here in the region. You don’t get off that cheaply with “Jacobsen Vintage 3”. This beer from the Carlsberg Brewery costs a jaw-dropping € 270 per 0.375 litres. You’d never have thought a beer could cost that much? If you don’t believe me, look it up for yourself. 😉

– But now let’s move on from expensive beers and high abv levels – and turn our attention to beer production. You think Germany produces the most beer? Well, you got that wrong (just like me, by the way). Because the world’s biggest beer producer, with around 490 million hectolitres (status: 2012), is China.

– In terms of per-capita beer consumption, we Germans don’t quite head the rankings, either. So who does? With around 132 litres of beer per annum, it’s the Czechs who drink the most. Germany “only” comes second, with 107 litres.

– When beer consumption is this high, you may perhaps start to worry that your glass will stay empty for too long? What would an evening of convivial quaffing at the Oktoberfest be like with an empty beer mug? So (listen carefully) here’s a truly recondite fact for you: the fear of empty glasses is called cenosillicaphobia.

– And my next fact also involves glasses: did you know how to tell whether a beer is of high quality? If when you tilt the glass slightly the foam sticks to the sides, this is a sign of high quality. And also, by the way, that the glass is clean. Try it and see!

We already know, of course, how diverse the beer-themed land of Bavaria is. But did you also know that you would be travelling for eleven whole years if you wanted to try a different beer every day in a Bavarian tavern? That would be a long, long time. But a thoroughly relishable one, wouldn’t you agree 😉

– 1516 – history – what was that again? Perhaps some war or other? Or a king’s coronation? Or was it when the Bavarian Purity Law was enacted? Yes, correct! This was the year when it was decreed that beer may be made only of hops, malt and water. Since 1906, the German Purity Law has been binding for brewers nationwide.

When you know such a lot about your favourite drink, it tastes a whole lot better straight away, doesn’t it? Well then, cheers to everyone!

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