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“Munich’s beer for Munich’s people”

The beers from Giesinger Bräu, Munich’s second-largest privately owned brewery, are renowned throughout the city. In order to meet the huge demand from in and around Munich, Giesinger had upsized its capacities in the brewhouse four times within eight years. Now Expansion Number Five has been scheduled – a completely new brewery with a 100-hectolitre brewhouse and cellarage area from Steinecker, and for the first time a bottling hall of its own complete with a dry end.

Steffen Marx founded Giesinger Bräu twelve years ago – and is still one hundred per cent convinced his concept is the right one: “Munich’s beer for Munich’s people”. Now, for the first time, Giesinger’s 14 different beers will be brewed, bottled, labelled and palletised using kit from Krones.

What drew your attention to Krones?

We knew of Krones, of course – but for this project it was actually Krones who approached us. We had already almost finalised our plans with another manufacturer, but the overall package that Krones offered was unbeatable.

It’s only three years or so since you last built something new, and now you’re at it again?

Correct: we’ve been in our new building at Giesing for three years. Now we’re planning an expansion, this time in the north of Munich. Because in Giesing, and in all of Munich, in fact, there’s as good as no free space available anywhere now. But we were lucky enough to find the best partner you could wish for in the shape of Aurelis, who provided us with 8,000 square metres, where we are now erecting buildings for our brewhouse, plus the bottling hall and the stores for fulls and empties. 

You’re getting a complete turnkey bottling hall from Krones with a dry end, including a brewery expansion. Are you already looking forward to it?

Of course, we are! But we won’t know what it’s actually going to be like to work with, until everything’s finished. We don’t have a comparison yet, since this is the first time we’ve bought something from Krones. But we are very confident. During our visit to the drinktec in September, we saw the MicroCube – a sort of scaled-down version of our new brewhouse. We’ve already visited the production facility in Freising, too, so as to get a picture of Krones’ technology.

The kit in the new plant will also include a Steinecker brewhouse?

That’s right – this brewhouse is already our fifth: we’ve upsized from 2.5, then 5, 10 and 30 to the present 100 hectolitres – and all this in just eleven years. 

What’s the biggest change for you?

The fact that we will have our own bottling hall – because previously we had our beer contract-bottled. That, and also the entire logistics for fulls and empties, are exciting new tasks.

Your slogan indicates that in future, too, you will continue to be concentrating on Munich?

At the moment, you can find us here and there in and around Munich and the major cities of Germany. But in fact we want to reach the beer-drinkers in Munich, supply our fans in the surrounding region, and satisfy our aficionados in Upper Bavaria. We know that’s where our beer fans live – but in order to reach them, we have to expand a bit.

What are your plans for the future? The next brewhouse in two years’ time?

No, after this upsizing project, that’s it for the time being. Continually building something new is hard on the nerves and costs a lot of time and of course money. I believe that with the new kit we’re most definitely well equipped for the next ten years.


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