MicroCube – the ideal tool for the craft brewer

To translate their flavour ideas into marketable reality, craft brewers need a reliable tool if they are to produce their beers at a consistently high level of quality.

Krones has accordingly developed the MicroCube brewing system specifically for craft brewers running brew sizes of five or ten hectolitres. MicroCube is a complete brewing system, comprising brewhouse and fermentation cellar. The concept also includes the supply systems for water, heat and refrigeration.

The vessels’ diameters measure not more than 1,200 millimetres, the valve and pump module measures 1,000 x 1,000 x 2,150 millimetres. The entire scope of delivery can be accommodated in three to four 40-foot containers. The pre-assembled modules are installed and commissioned within a minimised timeframe, while their compact dimensions enable them to be erected on a very small footprint.

Video is in German.

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