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Brewers’ hearts beat faster when they hear its name: VarioFlash B. The flash pasteuriser is, so to speak, an all-round champion – one that covers all the ratings needed by craft breweries and large breweries alike. With an output range from 18 to 600 hectolitres per hour, it can thus be used by any brewer – and for all of them assures microbiologically safe filling of their beers.

The VarioFlash B is a specialist in its field. Why? The “B” in the name is the clue, and of course stands explicitly for beer or beer-based mixed drinks. So you can be sure that the machine is precisely tailored to the needs of beer. Because so that the product feels totally at ease, the VarioFlash B puts for the right conditions in place: in order to heat up the beer with the requisite gentle dependability, the flash pasteuriser is equipped with sliding PU control and an adapted hot-water circuit. This ensures that the buffering capacity is fully utilised as well, while the heat-up temperature is continuously monitored. Express pasteurisation continues to ensure excellent quality of the beer. In this process, the heat-holding time is substantially shortened, but conversely the heat-up temperature is correspondingly increased. Even during production standstills, the patented “Eco-Hygienic Sleep Mode” manages to reduce both energy and water consumption by up to 90 per cent. And in this case, too, the brewer can rely on achieving the requisite microbiological safety.

Good news for craft brewers: the VarioFlash B is also available in a small version with an output range of between 18 and 45 hectolitres per hour – and is thus particularly well suited for exclusive beer recipes in small batches. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the flash pasteuriser is easy to install and commission, and additionally reduces the maintenance costs involved, thanks to a smaller number of components. In the event of production’s being interrupted, too, the system won’t let the brewer down: because the output is automatically matched to the level in the buffer tank, thus minimising both losses and media consumption.

The VarioFlash B guarantees dependable beer production, and can be customised to suit the particular application involved. It’s also unequivocally a true champion, and has definitely earned its status as a “fan-favourite”, not only in the craft brewer scene.

You want to know more? Come by the BrauBeviale and have a look at the small version of the VarioFlash B! Or take a look at our interview with Stefan Höller:


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