Liquid gold with full steam ahead

We’re venturing a look into the future. Well, into the 2/15 issue of the magazine at least. Because we’ve already had a peek at the contents, and found some very interesting articles. Such as a report on Steam Whistle, from which we would like to reveal here the most important facts. There will then be even more information in the magazine.

Krones helps the canadian brewery Steam Whistle do one thing really, really well – package Canada’s premium pilsner.

Steam Whistle Pilsner offers the style and flavour of the great pilsners of Europe, yet is brewed fresh locally at their independent, Canadian brewery. Crafted under the watchful eye of the Czech-born Master Brewer, this gold­en-coloured Bohemian pilsner is made using only four all-natural ingredients, a distinctive recipe, traditional methods, and a whole lot of passion.

How is this brewmaster know-how and brewery freshness retained until it reaches you? With the assistance of Krones’ TFS filter, Lavatec bottle washer, VOC can filler, and Modulfill bottle filler. All this ensures quality through zero-bacteria control, minimum oxygen pickup and accurate fill heights. Just some of the measures that Steam Whistle takes to be the worthy reward at the end of your day.

Learn more about the collaboration here:

The summary has aroused your interest? Then request the magazine right now, so as to get it in your letterbox straight from the printer’s.


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