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Likes, Hashtags, (Craft) Beer – Part VI

So, here’s one more (for the time being) great tip for you – namely the account and blog kraftbier0711. The name denotes five fathers who with heart and soul test and cover every conceivable subject themed around beer for their followers. My unequivocal recommendation: take a look and see for yourselves!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this series of articles, and welcomed the new inspirations. Do you perhaps have any additional recommendations? Please feel free to tell me in the comments!

But now let’s hear the guys from kraftbier0711 tell us what’s so special about them:

Who are you, and which one of you had the inspirational idea to create a “Kraftbier” blog (deliberately in German spelling)?

We’re five dads who love good beer. The idea for the blog came in 2017 from Chris, our CBO (Chief Beer Officer), since he had already clocked up more than five years of experience with an internationally known typography blog. But for our crew the real reason is our wives. The mums had already been meeting up before us and suggested that we dads should get together, too. We rapidly discovered our shared passion for beer, and started to hold small private tastings. After the third tasting, we decided to set up an Instagram Channel called Craftbier0711 to post about the beers we’d drunk – but unfortunately the account was hacked. However, we didn’t give up so easily and promptly renamed the account as Kraftbier0711 and started again. In January 2018, the blog was soon added, and since then interest has soared.

What sort of subjects can readers expect to find covered?

Readers will find information on everything to do with the subject of beer. We write about beer facts and topical issues from the world of beer, conduct interviews with CEOs of breweries – with Mikkel Björgso from Mikkeller, for instance – or write brewer portraits about the beer scene’s celebrities like the beer pope Conrad Seidel.

These are supplemented by delicious recipes with beer, gadget and gift ideas, books about beer and information on beer-themed events that you can visit in Germany. In addition, the “Beer Knowledge” section features the history of beer, a beer lexicon, toasts, knowledge about beer styles, and much more.

The “Beers” section is particularly interesting: here the reader can inquire about entire sets of breweries or simply about individual beers.

What’s more, we’re working on a new subject category: “trips”. This, however, is still in its infancy. Here we want to spotlight beer-themed hotels, bars, craft beer pubs, breweries and beer shops in lots and lots of German states and cities.

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