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Likes, Hashtags, (Craft) Beer – Part V

When it can’t get any better, you should stop! – No, not this time. Precisely because it’s getting better and better, this week I’ve got another account recommendation for you. Here, too, major importance is attached to appearance and creativity, without losing sight of the paramount criterion – the beer’s taste.

In the interview, Alex of craftbeer_bayer tells us how he came to notice the idiosyncratic beers on his account and which of them is his biggest favourite.

Who’s behind the beer recommendations?

I’m Alex, aka craftbeer_bayer: beer blogger and enthusiast from the beautiful city of Munich.

How did you come to be posting about beer?

I find it difficult to remember precisely how it started, since at some point the craft beer fever took hold of me and I wanted to tell the world about it.

It’s simply a lot of fun to report on what I think tastes great and also what doesn’t. What’s more, the community in Germany is still relatively close-knit and there’s plenty of mutual support, which is great.How do you find out about all the idiosyncratic beers?

Very often, I follow breweries that I like online, which enables me to see what beers will be launched on the market in the near future. If they sound interesting, I try to get hold of these beers through online and offline shops.

I also like swapping beers with blogger friends of mine. We thus try to supply each other with local specialities.

What beers make your heart beat faster? Do you have any favourites?

At the moment, I’m in love with New England Style IPAs. The combination of soft mouthfeel, tropical fruits and a slightly bitter note is simply superlative. Here I can currently recommend the two breweries “FrauGruber” and “Brewheart” unreservedly!

One final question: what does beer mean to you?

For me, beer means taste diversity. It’s simply brilliant to see what can be created from water, malt and hops! The possibilities are endless! But outside the scope of the German Purity Law as well, there are some great beers well worth sampling.


Photo: Alexander Bayer

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