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Likes, Hashtags, (Craft) Beer – Part IV

As you know, every Wednesday I spotlight a new Instagram account or a new blogger, always themed around craft beer. Meanwhile, we’re up to Part Four, and we aren’t finished yet.

Today I should like to introduce the Probierbrüder, Franz and Vik. I thought an account from a team like these two guys would be rather interesting. What’s special about these two is that for every beer they come up with a gripping and above all (in my opinion) very amusing story!

Did you know that nappies and beer are often purchased together? Or that the shandy-style “Russ” is attributable to Lenin? – No? Nor did I. Behind every new contribution from Franz and Vik is some new information. You should definitely take a look!

For all the English-speaking readers among you: you’re going to need a translator, but it’s very well worth it! 😉

Would you two like to briefly introduce yourselves?

Hello, we’re Franz and Vik of the Sampling Brothers. I’m Franz (31), and I’ve been living in Bavaria since I was 13. I was born in Gera in Thuringia. So I’m not a died-in-the-wool Bavarian.

My name is Vik, and I’m 31 years old as well. I was born in Kazakhstan, but I’ve lived in Bavaria since I was three.

What fascinates you so much about beer that you hit upon the idea of talking about it?

As far as we’re concerned, beer is the best drink for communication. “Come on, let’s meet up for a coffee!” – said no one ever. Better 5 % alcohol than 100 % Arabica. Things are simply more honest with a tankard of cool amber nectar. When you’ve got beer on the table, you can settle anything! That, more or less, is our motto.

What do you want to achieve with your stories?

At first, we were pretty aimless with our account, really. We were just a hobby photographer and a would-be entertainer who wanted to do something creative. At that point, we had no idea how many breweries there are in Bavaria or the whole of Germany, nor how many bloggers there were posting about beer. There are lots and lots of both, as we realised over the course of time. Many breweries started to get in touch with us, send us beer, or even invite us to visit them.

As time went by, we even entered into an alliance with the Casual Monks – a fashionable label from Bavaria, and well suited to us, since it chose hops as a trademark.

When we set up the account back then, we weren’t anticipating this sort of success. We sometimes find it difficult to remotivate ourselves every day, since we each have a full-time job, which now and again also thwarts our plans. But with every new cooperative arrangement, no matter whether it’s a brewery or a company, our euphoria rises to new heights.

We repeatedly get asked what we want to achieve with the account, and we’re devoting more and more thought to this. Meanwhile, goals are in fact emerging for us: we would like to work on a permanent basis for a brewery and market ourselves as identification figures. We would, of course, have to be 100% convinced of the product to give it our full support.

One of our dreams would even be to put our own beer on the market, perhaps. After all, everyone proverbially needs dreams.

In the meantime, what beers are your favourites?

Franz: I’ve already sampled a huge number, but meanwhile I’m quite sure what my favourite breweries are: Maxlrain, Flötzinger, Tegernseer, Augustiner, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, and when the mood takes me Corona. There are lots of other good breweries, of course, but I would then get these beers only by mail order.

Vik: I grew up in Rosenheim County, which is where I learned to love beer. So my first choice is always my homeland beer: Flötzinger. And when I venture outside the borders of Bavaria, then I’m partial to some Augustiner or Tegernseer. In my opinion, that’s the best way to show the flag “abroad” and enjoy a taste of home.

What does beer mean to you?

Beer is a drink with culture, history and tradition. In Germany, we simply have the most appealing beer culture. What could be nicer than a typically Bavarian beer garden for relaxing? When you hear the steps of the waitress on the gravel, and you know: now your beer’s arriving – that’s always a delightful moment.


Photo: Probierbrüder

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