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Likes, Hashtags, (Craft) Beer – Part II

Last week, I introduced you to Olivia and her beer recommendations. But this was intended as a kick-off to a continuing series. Today, I like to show you Frank and his craft beer account Craftprotz on Instagram.

Frank’s posts are all in German, but he has what’s probably the most creative account I’ve ever seen. Which is why I’m really urging everyone to enjoy his feed – you definitely ought to view it! And for all English-speaking users: the pictures are well worth a (regular) look even if you don’t understand the texts. And perhaps you can leave behind one or two likes or maybe even a subscription 😉.

What do you do when you’re not photographing and sampling beer?

I write articles and anchor discussions for a business magazine in Hamburg, I have my own radio programme for electronic music, and I’m the proud dad of an 8-year-old daughter.

How do you manage to create such cool images? Where do your ideas come from?

First off, thanks for the praise. Most of the ideas are sparked by associations with the labels, sometimes by accident as well, by trial and error, tinkering, handicrafts.

I try to go through life with my eyes open, because then you discover things you would otherwise overlook.

Do you choose your beers by their design?

That happens, yes. A good design has its own attraction. But I also make my selections on the basis of the beer style and the brewery concerned, and on whether I already know the beer involved. I hardly ever drink the same beer twice.

You’re also very interested in music. Can you combine your two passions?

Not very often. I’ve been writing about music for a long time now, which helps me today in my professional life and for my radio programme. For the Instagram photos, my passion for photography is more of a help.

One final question: what does beer mean to you?

Not at all as much as you might think. I could say now that beer is the most awesome drink in the world (which it is), but what interests me more is the sheer diversity of craft beer – the taste experience and all the different nuances. Nowadays, at last, brewing means creativity again. And that’s fascinating. Before I discovered craft beer for myself, I drank beer, if at all, at concerts or on warm summer evenings.

This, by the way, is the disadvantage of craft beer: it spoils you for all other beers. When I go to concerts nowadays, I simply can’t force myself to drink the swill I get offered. 😊


Photo: Craftprotz

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