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Likes, Hashtags, (Craft) Beer – Part I

The bandwidth of topics on the internet is well-nigh infinite – and it’s not always easy to find the really exciting ones between cat videos and viral challenges. So it helps if you know people of whom you’re certain that they’re telling the really important stories – about beer, for example. That’s why I believe specifically themed bloggers, influencers and active users are the best addresses for the very latest trends, tips and recommendations. People who do research, try things out, write articles, make films, take photographs … – and only to keep their readers up to date.

Because for beer-themed topics, too, there are a whole lot of profiles, blogs, etc., and I should like to show you a few great people and their accounts, so that you’re supplied with exciting stories themed around beer not only in my once-a-week blogs. I’ve prepared various (many of them well-known, but doubtless new for some of you) contact points which I shall be presenting here in the weeks ahead. So stay with us, and feel free to comment on other accounts you really like and can confidently recommend!

So let’s get acquainted with Olivia and her Instagram account olivia.drinksbeer. Look forward to the mix of a personally designed feed with sympathetic but informative Craft Beer contributions:

Olivia, you’ve been posting about beer for quite a time now. Why did you actually start?

It was just a sort of whim, really. Like when other people photograph their food and upload the pictures, I just did the same with beer, and there were in fact people who liked it or even owned similar accounts. So I just kept going and so far I’m still enjoying it.

Were you expecting this sort of response?

In comparison to other beer-themed accounts, mine isn’t all that big so far, admittedly, but I’m really delighted that the interest and the response remain consistently high. After all, it’s only a hobby for me, and I would never have dreamed I would be getting more than 1,000 followers!

What started you off with beer-drinking?

I can no longer recall precisely. I think I just liked the contrast from the sticky sweet alcopops and long drinks that were popular when I was a teenager. Back then, beer simply tasted nicer, and I still prefer a beer to wine or cocktails – even if the occasional craft beer may also be sticky and sweet. 😉

What do you particularly like about the craft beer scene?

What I personally like best is that in addition to innumerable exciting beers, events and bars there’s also a steadily growing community, and craft beer is becoming more widely known even to people outside this scene.

One last question: what does beer mean to you?

Beer or craft beer is for me a brilliantly multifaceted beverage. There are so many different styles that are constantly being re-invented and individually re-interpreted – it just never gets boring!


Photo: Stefan Höning Photography

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