Krones at Wellington Brewery – combining cans and bottles

They fill cans and they fill bottles. But neither their output nor their space is what you would call enormously big. So Wellington Brewery from Ontario, Canada, and Krones worked together in order to fit the brewery’s needs ­– and this is what happened:


I talked to Wayne Confiant, Krones Canada, who gave me, from his perspective, some background information concerning the project.

Wayne, what’s your position at Krones Canada and what were your tasks at the Wellington Brewery?

I am working in the Regional Sales for Canada and Wellington is in my territory. So I was responsible for the sales process of the entire project.

When and how did Wellington Brewery get in touch with Krones at the very beginning?

As part of my responsibilities, I visited this customer within my territory. I introduced our Krones Craftmate as a viable option for the increasing can beer growth within the Canadian market. As part of the initial inquiry, it was confirmed that Wellington was planning to expand the current facility and as such we worked together in order to include a small combination of can and bottling line.

Which Krones machines have recently been installed at the Wellington Brewery?

Wellington was looking for a quality company that could provide a cost effective solution to extend their growth. At the time of our initial meeting, they did not have any Krones equipment. This project allowed us to provide a Kosme rinser/filler bloc, along with a Kosme Sensicol labeller for the bottle line. We also sold a Krones Craftmate can filler and Krones Checkmat. The conveyors were from Kosme. The remaining equipment for both lines were from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers.

In your opinion, what were the advantages Krones could offer Wellington?

As Krones had just completed the possibility of providing the Craftmate can filler, here in Canada, we saw this as an opportunity to approach the craft brewers with a smaller alternative to the larger can fillers we had previously manufactured. The development of the Craftmate allowed Krones to be much more competitive in the small craft brewing business. Prior to this development, craft brewers viewed Krones as too big and too expensive. With the initial visit to discuss the Craftmate, we were able to work and supply a system capable of expanding their business at a reasonable cost.

Wellington Brewery describes themselves as Canada’s oldest independently owned microbrewery. Does that make them a special customer to you?

Although we always think all our customers are special, Wellington actually is one of the breweries we initially considered when we discussed developing a properly sized and priced machine that would fit with this size brewery. And the development of the Craftmate has proven to be a proper fit for the small to midsize breweries. Not only for Wellington, but we have already sold five Craftmate in the Ontario Region.

Thank you for the insights, Wayne!

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