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Joining forces in beer heaven

If you’ve been following us along during Craft Brewers Conference, you already know that this year was a little different to the previous shows. With Krones and Sprinkman joining forces, we can now offer a new and extended product portfolio for North American brewers – as Brian Sprinkman puts it: “Brewers are excited to know that Sprinkman and Krones are together. Our portfolio now includes a full line of brewing systems and packaging equipment that meets the needs of any brewing size.” CBC proved to be the perfect opportunity to introduce the new joint appearance. With a Sprinkman brewing system being the big star of the booth, experts from Krones, Evoguard, Process and Data Automation and Sprinkman all presented fitting solutions for brewers of all sorts and sizes.

And that was exactly who came by the booth during the three days of BrewExpo America – brewers of impressive sizes and small, new and independent brewers. And I can’t think of many places where suits, lumberjack shirts and workwear mix so easily.

The show really proved to be a big get-together once again, as the exhibition hall was buzzing with conversations around the topic that connects all attendees: brewing and selling good beer. What I, personally, enjoyed most about this was the spirit of collaboration that you could feel everywhere. The whole event is truly about the exchange of knowledge, about getting to know other brewers and about connecting within the industry. And what wasn’t too bad either were the many beers that were poured at tasting stations – many of them brewed by local breweries. That is another thing I learned during the show: Colorado is a true heaven for (craft) beer lovers. With its impressive number of breweries, it offers the perfect beer style and drinking venue for absolutely everyone – and it aptly calls itself the “State of Craft Beer”.

All in all it was a great show – in both quality and quantity of great new leads. As Brian Sprinkman put it: “The traffic at the show has been great, the location of the booth has been great – it has been a wonderful experience to work with Krones here at the show.”

So that just leaves one thing to say: See you in San Antonio, Texas next year!

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