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Higher, faster, further…

Normal is within everyone’s reach. How boring. Which is why we’ve picked out for you a few unusual superlatives from the world of beverages – because there always someone prepared to go one better. From impressive to weird, there’s a bit of everything here.

Vast and verdant vineyard vistas.

No, not in the sun-drenched climes of Southern Europe, but in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Because here there are vines here as far as the eye can see – at the world’s biggest wine festival, the Dürkheimer Sausage Market. That’s not a typo: the Sausage Market is actually a wine festival. One that’s in a class all of its own: the festival in Bad Dürkheim (pop. 18,000) attracts almost 700,000 visitors– approximately 38 times the town’s entire population.

Exchange pennywise prudence for liquid luxury.

Let’s stay with the subject of wine. It’s not only ideal for parties, it also offers a brilliant option for those among us who have more money than they know what to do with. So if you are more than willing to forego the (unfortunately modest) percentage you get from a bank, you could invest your remaining riches in wine as well. A bottle of “Screaming Eagle” (1992 vintage) once changed hands for a mere 500,000 US dollars and thus became the most expensive wine that’s ever been sold. This immense price was achieved during the Napa Valley auction in 2008, where the proceeds went to charitable causes.
… Go on – treat yourself to something nice for a change. 😉

Speedy Gonzales’ miracle potion?!

How did it happen that the Mexican turbo-mouse became the world’s fastest rodent? Perhaps it was simply the vast amounts of caffeine ingested.
You see, the per-capita consumption of cola in Mexico is believe it or nor running at 171.35 litres a year, which puts the Mexicans right at the top of the world rankings. Madre de Dios, that’s a lot. But whether it’s really healthy is another question entirely.


Competitive eater Matt Stonie did it: my jaw dropped right down to my knees. I was seized by a mixture of incredulity, amazement and revulsion. He actually managed to force down a 6-litre milkshake in less than five minutes. That definitely sounds like some sort of record, but it’s perhaps not quite normal either. 😜

Strawberry Sensation.

What’s better than a smoothie? Right, a giant smoothie. And it’s not even that difficult to make. You just need the Florida Strawberry Festival, 1,000 kilos of strawberries, almost 1,000 kilos of Greek yoghurt, and a few busy helpers eagerly mixing it all together– et voilà: a new world record in the bag. 3,785 litres of smoothie.
But what did it taste like ..?

Bottle collectors. No, not the ones that rummage through public dustbins for the empties.

Who wants to showcase a boring old stamp collection when you can boast an awe-inspiringly colossal collection of beer bottles? Ron Werner was only 14 when he began collecting empty bottles. Meanwhile he’s accumulated a quantity that’s not to be sneezed at: 25,866 bottles.
Well, here’s wishing you plenty of patience when you take them back to collect the deposits – it might take quite a while.

Gym v. beer tent: not a difficult decision.

What would be your preference? 😉 Rather enjoy a nice cold beer or three or push yourself to the limit in the gym?
To everyone who feels torn between these two alternatives: don’t worry, combining them is child’s play. You take 27 litre-tankards of beer, the Hofbräuhaus and a distance of 40 metres. Then you run this distance, cross the finishing line and do your best to spill as little as possible. That’s what Matthias Völkl from Lower Bavaria did, and thus set up a new world record. He’s originally planned to go for 29 tankards, but two of them fell by the wayside Nonetheless, it sufficed for a new Guinness world record. I’d say he’s more than earned a nice cool beer. Edit: This (link in German) happened in the meantime – the record is now 29 tankards.

Armed to the teeth.

He was fast. Though whether he still has all his teeth is questionable. But let’s start at the beginning. Murali K. from India is a real tough cookie: in 2011 he broke what was then the world record for opening beer bottles. And because anyone can do it with a bottle-opener, he cast caution to the winds and used his teeth. In the end all the bottles were open; the current state of his dentition, though, is another question altogether.


It’s amazing what trivia gems you can find when you go trawling the net (though some of it could quite safely be filed away under the heading of “Things the world doesn’t need” 😃).

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