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When I met Jasper Cuppaidge last October at his new brewery in the London suburb of Enfield, pride was written all over his face: together with Krones, his dream brewery had taken real-life shape here.

The road had been a comparatively short though eventful one – but let’s start at the beginning. The Australian-by-birth and Londoner-by-choice became a brewer more or less by accident. A good ten years ago he wanted to surprise his mother with a rather special birthday present: a home-brewed beer that he had produced to the recipe of his grandfather, a former brewery owner, in the cellar of his former pub in London. The Mac’s Beer found favour not only with his mother, but also with the Londoners – and Jasper in his turn discovered a taste for brewing. A moment of sheer serendipity. Because as a man of quick decisions (the decision to emigrate to England was taken when he missed a flight home, which eventually led him to a London pub), it was immediately clear: Jasper wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and open a brewery himself. He found what he was looking for in the suburb of Camden Town, which also gave the brewery its name.

The Camden Town Brewery is known and loved for its lagers, chief among them Hells, a mixture of Helles and Pilsner. And because beer sales very soon started to soar, it quickly became clear that more capacity was needed. But the premises in Camden Town provided only limited space. Which is why Jasper decided to build an entirely new brewery in the neighbouring suburb of Enfield. When it came to the equipment, he opted for Krones. In 2016, the state-of-the-art brewery was inaugurated, incorporating everything designed to gladden a brewer’s heart: the centrepiece of it is the gleaming Steinecker brewhouse, which thanks to its large glass façade can be admired from outside as well. The Camden Town Brewery produced 150,000 hectolitres of beer there in the first year – and still has scope for brewing more.

Although Jasper is not prone to exaggeration, he is full of enthusiasm when he tells me his story. And because back then I was on a trip for the Krones magazine, I was of course keenly interested to know what path had taken him from Australia via England to Krones in Bavaria. You can read more about this in our online magazine, and you can also take a tour of the brewery in a short video and get acquainted with some of the extremely likable brewery team.


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