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We’ve just happened upon an issue of the 3/16 magazine. And there we found loads of interesting articles: like a report on the Neumarkter Lammsbräu brewery. And because we immediately started browsing, we want to share this discovery with others. Here, however, there’s space for only a brief summary; there’s more about the subject on the magazine article.

The Neumarkter Lammsbräu brewery has not only been the world’s leading organic brewery for decades now, it also produces equally successful non-alcoholic organic beverages. One of the reasons behind its success is this: for its products, Lammsbräu uses extremely valuable organic raw materials from strictly monitored organic farming. So unsurprisingly, particular importance is attached not only to the best possible quality, but also to maximally accurate dosing. The new Krones Contiflow mixer, plus a thermal syrup treatment system, meet these requirements to consummate effect.

Karl-Heinz Maderer, Technical Manager and authorised signatory at the Lammsbräu brewery, is a confident man: “In times of Glyphosat & Co, especially, more and more people are convinced of the advantages that our organic beers offer, brewed as they are in line with an ecological purity law.” With 18 different types of beer – including five non-alcoholic ones – Lammsbräu possesses the most comprehensive organic-beer range available on the market. And the company keeps on coming up with surprising innovations like the first beer brewed with gluten-free barley malt. It was back in 1995 that Neumarkter Lammsbräu had changed over its entire portfolio to 100 per cent organic products.

And the company applies equally strict standards when it comes to its non-alcoholic beverages: Lammsbräu’s organic lemonades of the “now” brand are meanwhile available in twelve different flavours – from Fresh Lemon to Pink Rhubarb, there is something to cater for everybody’s taste. Health food shops and specialist beverage retailers are the brewery’s most important customers, buying around two-thirds of the overall output. As far as health food shops are concerned, Lammsbräu covers almost 100 per cent. In this way, the firm has over the past decades evolved into one of the world’s leading organic-beverage producers.


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