craftbrewing.krones.com: the navigation system for craft brewers

Craft brewing is a booming business – irrespective of the output quantities involved, irrespective of the machinery sizes deployed, irrespective of the technology concerned: Krones offers fit-for-purpose solutions to suit all craft brewers. Thanks to the new craft brewing website, brewers can keep themselves up to date on the various technology categories involved and the broad product portfolio of the Krones craft brewing world.

What machine is in fact best suited for what output or what production quantities? At craftbrewing.krones.com, the new online platform for craft brewers, anyone interested in beer can find out what Krones and Kosme have to offer specifically for brewers in the small and medium output ranges. At a glance, the website shows you brewhouses and filtering systems, but also fillers, labellers and packers. In addition, visitors are given technical details of the machines involved, can see the lines in actual operation, and in the “Success Stories” section can read up on clients from all over the world.

Putting you on the right track

Immerse yourself in our new online world, themed around craft brewing, navigate unerringly and purposefully through all the technical categories involved, and familiarise yourself with Krones and our machines in all their multifaceted diversity.

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