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Concerning snow, sport and beer

The wind ruffles my hair. Ice-cold air blows in my face. I feel the swirling snow on my skin. And launch myself down the mountain. You’ve probably started to guess what I’m doing: skiing. What has this got to do with beer, you’re probably wondering. Believe it or not: quite a bit. After all, following a strenuous day out in the fresh air, who doesn’t relish a beer in a cosy little lodge high up in the Alpine pastures? I know I do.

Did you know that that’s unhealthy?

At any rate, that’s what I found out during my researches. The problem is primarily the alcohol: too much of it dehydrates your body, which is bad for regeneration after running, training or skiing.

Ingenious idea as a solution

And that’s precisely why three students in Amsterdam came up with an idea for a rather special kind of beer: Spils Sportbier. This beer is ideally suited for a drink after training, since above all there’s one thing it doesn’t contain: lots of alcohol. To be precise, the abv is a mere two per cent. What’s more, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and not much carbon dioxide, which after exercise is good for your body. Do you think it will win out over alcohol-free wheat beer as a cooling refresher? Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out what kind of beer the “Spils” is. But the name indicates pretty clearly that it’s a pilsner, wouldn’t you say? Then, of course, it would be the perfect solution for beer-drinkers who don’t like wheat beer.

A bit of help is always welcome

Since these students in Amsterdam unfortunately aren’t all that conversant with the craft of brewing, they brought some experts on board. The Dutch Hoornse Hop Brewery cooperated with the students and brewed the sport beer. So far it’s only available online or in the climbing hall of Mountain Network in Amsterdam.

Which is why I myself have unfortunately not yet had an opportunity to sample the sport beer. But I shall most certainly be ordering some soon, and then on my next skiing trip I’ll have a healthy option for cooling down 😉

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