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Christmastime is now beer time too

Hurrah! Advent is just around the corner. And what does that mean? Right, it’s also the time in which we get to open our 24 little doors. “Isn’t that really for kids?” I suspect you’re thinking. Not this Advent Calendar. This year, you see, we have one that’s bound to interest you: the Craft Beer Advent Calendar from Foodist, which we were sent for sampling. To tell you all about it, though, we had to cheat a bit and open it up before 1 December. 😉

When I got my gigantic parcel, I was really excited. I cut open the white carton very carefully with my scissors – to reveal an evergreen-coloured Advent Calendar about the size of a beer crate. My colleagues in the office were also keenly interested in my new blog topic. Everyone wanted to taste the first beer straight away.

But the sampling was strictly reserved for me and my colleagues Maria and Olga. Together we opened the little doors (in the right order, of course, because even though we’re cheating we are not totally blind to rules and decorum :D). We slowly extracted each and every 0.33-litre bottle of beer and first took a good look at them. Just the labels by themselves look out of the ordinary – I had never seen most of them before. One of them, for example, simply says “Lille läuft” on a white label, another depicts a rhinoceros on a yellow background. So the beers are visually attractive into the bargain!

The Advent Calendar contains (as you’ve probably guessed already) 24 different beers. The special thing about them, though, is that all of them have been craft-brewed in Germany. And what styles of beer will you find in the Advent Calendar? There’s basically something here for everyone: from bock, light beer, March beer (Märzen), pilsner and red beer all the way through to ale, American Pale Ale, IPA, Imperial Stout, wheat beer and Altbier, the calendar caters to every preference.

But what do they taste like? Even though we aren’t beer sommeliers here, we can confidently state this: we definitely like them.

And what is our overall verdict on the Advent Calendar?

“I was pretty impressed by the choice of beers in the Advent Calendar! All of them come from Germany, and cover a broad spectrum of beer styles. I think the calendar is ideal especially for beer-drinkers who are only just starting to try out some more creative beers: the selection includes some rather sophisticated IPAs, for instance, but also some consummately brewed light beers for fans of the traditional types.”– Maria

“My favourite among the craft beers was the 030 Pale Ale from the Lemke Berlin Brewery. I liked the cool blue-yellow label on the bottle. And I was very taken with the hoppy flavour, plus the discreet fragrance of tropical fruits. Overall, I really like the Advent Calendar. And it looks just great!” – Johanna

“What I was most looking forward to was sampling the Choco Porter. I would never have dreamed that a beer can really taste of chocolate. Visually, too, the calendar was an eye-catcher. But check it out for yourself.” – Olga

This Advent Calendar sounds interesting? Then you can (still) find it here in the shop. Put in the voucher code KRONES5 and save 5€. And feel free to tell us your own verdict 🙂

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