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Chapter no. 2 for the Craftmate’s success story

The Craftmate C has been on the market since 2015 – inspiring small and medium-sized breweries and craft breweries all around the world ever since. More than 80 machines are meanwhile running all around the globe. And the Craftmate is particularly coveted in the USA: More than half of all machines have so far gone to North America, but the can filler has also found adherents in Asia or South America.

Thanks to the major success of the compact can filler, Krones has now also developed a dedicated filler for the low output range for glass applications: the Craftmate G. In terms of technology, it is identical to its bigger brothers and sisters in the Modulfill series, but in terms of space requirements it matches the compactness of the Craftmate C – thus making it the ideal solution for small and medium-sized breweries who place stringent demands on their filling processes, as Franz Obermeier explains:


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