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Brewing revolution meets field-proven filling technology

Forswearing the commonplace. That roughly encapsulates what the founders of CREW Republic have signed up to. Because they aim to be a “home to everyone for whom standard beers do not suffice”.

Timm Schnigula and Mario Hanel have been brewing their beers for some years now, first in their own kitchen at home and now with their “crew” in their own brewery.

And that’s where Krones comes in: because the guys responsible at CREW Republic were keen to have a single vendor for the entire bottling kit, Krones AG supplied both a Kosme Barifill filler and a labeller from the new Ergomatic series.

Why they opted for Krones, and how the collaboration turned out between the “very, very small guys” and the “very, very big guys”: that’s what Timm Schnigula will be telling you in the video.

Das Video auf Deutsch finden Sie hier.

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emilia at 27. November 2015

A really good idea! My boyfriend works at Krones as an project manager and yesterday we talked about brewing beer and that it's an really really interesting topic and that there are so many amazing types of beer! I am excited to taste your craft beer and wish you a good luck with everything guys!!!

Stephanie Tschautscher at 30. November 2015

Thanks for your great feedback! We're glad you like it :) If you have any suggestions for topics you want to read about, please tell us and we will consider writing about them :) Have fun tasting some more craft beer!

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