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BrewExpo 2015 – Come, take a walk with us!

“What is there at the Craft Brewers Conference? Just beer? Do you drink all day long?” We were asked these same questions again and again before we set out for the CBC in Portland. Of course, we knew the answer well before we arrived. But after three days jam packed with impressions and conversations, we can say it loud and clear: No! There’s a lot more to the CBC and BrewExpo than just drinking!” The craft brewing scene isn’t growing on drinking alone – it’s growing because brewers are sharing their knowledge, networking, and completely dedicated to a common cause.

This short video is our attempt to capture the “vibe” of the BrewExpo at and around Krones’ booth. Come, take a walk with us around the expo and let the spirit of the craft beer movement intoxicate you…without drinking a sip!

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