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BrauBeviale for beginners

It’s 9 o’clock in the morning, and the first announcement resounds from the loudspeakers: “The general welcome will take place at 9:30!” – I think at this time of the year we all know what that means: the BrauBeviale has begun again. And as an intern in the Social Media Department, of course, I was caught up in the hustle and bustle, and so here’s an abbreviated report.

The first thing I notice is this: the Krones Stand in Hall 7A is gigantic, a sort of playground for adults (with a passion for the beverage sector). Right at the start of my tour, I see the stands of Krones’ subsidiaries: pretty well all of them are represented, from KIC Krones to Syskron – a sea of screens, standing tables and people. The next stop is the information desk, where of course everyone (fitting in nicely with the fair’s venue and theme) is dressed in traditional Bavarian costume. Behind this is the seating area for guests and clients – a catering zone that can satisfy each and every conceivable wish. And last but not least: the machines on show at the fair as hands-on exhibits. From Evoguard pumps and a bottle filler to the VarioFlash B flash pasteuriser – Krones has done things in style here, and brought along the entire range. This area is particularly interesting for me: I’m dealing every day with blog postings about these machines, some of which I write myself – but I’ve never actually taken a good look at them live. Not, at least, spotlighted so attractively and from right up close as is the case here. And in this part of the stand one of the fair’s major highlights (in my opinion) awaits you: the sampling bar of the Steinecker Brew Center. The dedicated craft beer blog readers among you will perhaps know what I’m getting at here – if not, permit me to jog your memory: green-hop beer. Does that ring a bell? Sure does! Johannes Eymess has brewed a very special beer exclusively for the BrauBeviale, which can now be sampled here by all guests and clients. And we didn’t need to be asked twice! Plus it tasted really wonderful – well done indeed, Johannes! All in all, my visit to the fair is a truly rewarding experience. We had some agreeably stimulating conversations, found some good motifs for the camera, and plenty of inspiration for future blog postings, so what more could you possibly want?

So if you have a chance to visit the Brau yourself, I can only recommend it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and above all drop by at our Krones Stand in its usual place in Hall 7A; you won’t regret it!

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