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Blog Rules

This blog is intended to be a dialogue-driven platform. We would ask you to always accord priority to fairness and good manners in this dialogue. We want this blog to be a forum where opinions can be put forward without any problems and lively discussions can be conducted.

Each user is him/herself responsible for comments. For your own protection, we would ask you not to make any of your personal data accessible to the public. Your email address will not be published, and stored only in connection with the comment concerned.

  1. Please maintain a respectful tone in your comments, and also accept differing viewpoints on a particular topic. We will not tolerate insults and obscenities on this blog.
  2. The comment function is designed to facilitate animated discussions and to create an added value for everyone involved. Since we want to assure this for other readers, we shall not be accepting spam or off-topic comments. Comments made for purely commercial purposes are not permitted.
  3. Please designate other people’s intellectual property as such and pay due respect to copyrights.
  4. Contents that are pornographic or glorify violence are prohibited on this blog in any form whatsoever.

Exclusion of liability:

Guest authors are likewise allowed to post on Krones AG’s blog. The opinions of these authors may also stimulate discussion. The contents of the guest contributions do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of Krones AG.

Comments reflect the opinions and convictions of our users. Krones AG has no influence on these, and consequently accepts no liability for their correctness or completeness. This also applies to posted links and their contents, which are not within Krones AG’s responsibility and from which Krones AG disassociates itself.