Beer on wheels

While the latest edition is still at the printer’s, we took a quick look inside: in the 2/15 magazine. And it was well worthwhile! We don’t want to post any spoilers here, but nor did we want to keep what we saw all to ourselves either. For instance, there’s an article about the Red Truck Beer Company, which we found fascinating. We’re reporting the salient facts about it here already, and there’ll be more about it in the next magazine.

The “Freshest Beer on Wheels” is what the Red Truck Beer Company in Vancouver promises. The bright-red vehicles are the trademark of this craft brewery, which has now taken an important step forward into an expansive future. By building a new brewery in downtown Vancouver, it has for the first time gifted itself an option for offering not only kegged beer, but also beer in bottles and cans. For this purpose, it has installed a complete combined line from Kosme for handling both recyclable glass bottles and cans.


For the time being, three different beers are being brewed (Red Truck Ale, Red Truck Lager, Red Truck India Pale Ale) as well as a succession of speciality beers, like Porter and Belgian Blonde Ale. Later on, the plan is to extend the range to comprise up to eight beers.

Well, are you curious? Then you should request the magazine right here, so as not to miss out on a single issue in the future.

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