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Beer for pets – It was about time

After you’ve finished work for the day, there’s nothing that gives you greater pleasure than sipping a cool beer, settling down on the couch or a comfy chair on the terrace with your favourite pet (your cat or your dog)? I know exactly how that feels! So far – I hope – it was only you who was enjoying a beer, not your four-legged companion. But this (seemingly enormous) problem can in fact be solved: there is meanwhile beer you can buy for your quadrupedal friend. You don’t believe me? Well, I’ve done a bit of research for you.

The first (OK, after “Are you serious?” and “Why?” it was rather the third) question that I asked myself was this: what exactly is this animal-friendly beer made of? I mean, alcohol wouldn’t really agree with our cute four-legged companions, would it? Which is why doggy beer, like the “Schwanzwedler” (tail-wagger) for example, consists of beef broth and barley malt, and – needless to say – does NOT contain any alcohol. Our animal friends will probably like its taste just as much as we relish a chilled glass of lager, don’t you think?

Next question: and where can one buy this oddball beer? Just like anything else, in the supermarket? I didn’t find a lot of information on that but there are definitely a few vendors selling this type of beer online. Let’s just wait and see whether it can carve out a place for itself on the supermarket shelves, right between Whiskas and Pedigree Chum.

Last but not least, I have to admit that I do find the whole thing a tiny bit (perhaps even a quite sizeable bit) weird. But it’s definitely rather a whimsical idea: after all, let’s be honest, who wants to enjoy a drink all on their own? Well, in that case I can only say: “Cheers to the doggy beer and to our beloved pets!”

And if you think your pet doesn’t care much for beer, I’ve got news for you: there is also wine for your small animal friends 😉

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