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Beer & Beauty – a potent pairing

Thick, glossy hair, strong, healthy nails and taut skin … Who wouldn’t want all that?
But no one really wants to spend a lot of money on small pots of cream and all the other self-proclaimed elixirs. So why not try out something natural that you can make at home? Like a beer mask, for instance?
A beer in the evening relaxes your body from the inside – lots of people know that. But it’s not such common knowledge that beer is brilliant for your appearance as well!
With more than 30 minerals, vitamins and trace elements such as zinc, magnesium und iron, beer ranks as an absolute secret weapon for beauty enhancement. These do-it-yourself beer-based products will help you get glossy hair and radiant skin very quickly – and by entirely natural means! If you’re like me and don’t have any experience yet with beer-based beauty aids, then you should definitely try out the following recipes. I’m looking forward to hearing about your results!

This’ll do your hair good

Hair conditioner

Simply mix half a litre of beer (light ale for blond hair, dark beer for brown or black hair) with a litre of water, and massage into your wet hair. Rinse it out well after a short time. Thanks to the trace elements, your hair will be strong and glossy.


Setting spray

As a natural setting agent, pure unadulterated beer from the spray bottle is ideal – simply spray onto your dry hair from a distance of 20 cm. It’s important not to spray too much beer, to make sure the hairs don’t stick together. And by the way: you don’t have to worry about the beery smell, it very quickly disappears all by itself!

Hair mask

If you have particularly dry hair, make yourself a hair mask from two egg yolks, half a glass of beer, and a bit of lemon juice. Apply the mask to your hair and wrap it in a towel. The warmth means the nutrients are absorbed particularly well by the hair, and after half an hour the mask can be rinsed out.


Silky-smooth skin

Face mask for dry skin

Mix an avocado with a teaspoon of wheat beer, a tablespoonful of honey and a tablespoonful of jojoba oil, and apply to your skin. In particular, the B-vitamins and the hop extracts in the beer refine your pores and firm up your tissues. The healthy fats contained in the avocado are ideal for eliminating dry areas.

Face mask for oily skin

In order to combat oily skin, and render it silky-smooth, just mix two tablespoonfuls of wheat beer with two drops of teatree oil, one tablespoonful of cider vinegar and 150 ml of water, and apply it to your skin.

The masks can stay on your skin for up to one hour, but no longer than that.

Bath essence

Beer is an excellent additive for your bath – the vitamins and trace elements soothe irritated skin and can help to combat circulatory problems. Simply add three litres to your bathwater and relax.

If you want to treat yourself to more than “just” a bath at home, you can also book a wellness trip in a beer-themed hotel. My colleague recently collected all the relevant information in this blog posting.

Nail care

If you have brittle nails, beer can truly work miracles. Here, just mix two parts of beer with one part of olive oil and soak your nails in it for 10 minutes. The minerals in the beer, together with the oil, ensure both strong nails and well-nourished cuticles.

As you can see, beer is more than just a refreshing drink – that’s for sure. And what could be better for your body than natural constituents? So with the aid of some beer you can do without expensive cosmetics (almost) entirely and use an alternative. What’s more, let’s be honest, one of these homemade beer masks is a whole lot more fun!

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