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App with Me?

The beer community is becoming progressively more widely represented on the world’s mobile terminals as well. There are apps for almost everything: from simply arranging to meet up for a beer after work, or collecting free-beer points, all the way through to sophisticated works of reference for the uninitiated. Whether it all invariably makes sense or not is rather a moot point. But I was intrigued as soon as I immersed myself in the beery depths of the App Store. So I bowed to the inevitable and decided to write a continuation of our beer app test for you.


Beer with Me

With the first app, “Beer With Me”, you can tell your friends very easily when you’re drinking something. Which means they can join you and you start a shared “drinking session”. Simply use the large drink button to select any desired beverage, from a beer or a long drink all the way through to cider, and off you go! Or open the map and find friends who are already in a bar. The app will then also show you your “drinking history” so that you can reconstruct precisely all the things you’ve quaffed. A simple principle, and it works. Precisely because of this simple structure, the app has established itself in my circle of friends, for example. I think it’s rather a pity, though, that you only have an option to reply with two prefabricated sentences (“Stay where you are, I’ll be right there!” Or simply just “Cheers!”). There isn’t a chat function, so basically you have to use WhatsApp or another messaging service again to actually arrange to meet up.


BJCP Beer Styles

This app shows you a listing of all beer styles available on the market. It explains in admirable detail what style is involved and where it comes from. The IPAs, for instance, are divided into various subcategories, like American, Belgian, White, Brown, Black or Speciality, and can thus be more effectively diversified. A colour chart helps you to classify the beer’s colour to perfection. And for those of you who prefer things sweet: cider and mead are also represented in the app, and accurately described. In my opinion, BJCP Beer Styles is not really an everyday app that’s going to be used terribly often. But if you’re interested in beer and want to acquire a solid base of knowledge on this subject, this app is perfect. It’s written in relatively easy English, and the information is well and comprehensibly described.


Beer Tasting – review and order straight away

“Beer Tasting” is regarded as particularly versatile in terms of its functions, at least according to the ratings in the App Store. In this German-language app, beer-lovers can not only find beers and review them, but also buy them straight away in the shop or put them on their wish list. With the practical “Beerscan”, you just need to make a picture of your beverage, and the app will display all the relevant information. In your own profile, you will also find a listing of all the beers you’ve already drunk, and you can then add the best of them to your list of favourites. What’s more, there’s also a news page, on which you can find lots of topical information on the global beer sector, including event tips. Overall, a very glanceable app. Very easy for me to use, and more or less self-explanatory. The newsfeed is a nice ancillary function, and you feel almost as if you’re scrolling through Facebook for beer.


Bierpoints – a beer app gets you free beer

The app called “Bierpoints” is gaining steadily in popularity among amber-nectar fans. For the beers consumed, users receive what are called “Beer Points”. On the display, a virtual beer glass fills up a bit after every type (including alcohol-free brews or beer-based mixed drinks). When it’s full, the points collected can be converted into free beer. This works, however, only in participating localities, whose number is likewise rapidly growing though. In a regulars’ chat, friends can exchange messages and arrange a convivial meet-up. Since the nearest location participating in this free-beer app is unfortunately an hour’s journey away for me, I was (as yet) unable to test the functions in practice. But I think the idea behind it is really ingenious! And the chat function, which I felt was missing from Beer with Me, is included here. So to everyone who has participating bars close by: fetch yourselves the app and drink an extra beer for me!


Beer brewing and beer-based recipes

This app is aimed at the hobby brewers among you who are just starting out. It contains numerous recipes that the community itself can even contribute. And the video tutorials, covering the pitching rate, for example, are very useful when initial difficulties are encountered. The app’s brewing calculator, too, leaves nothing to be desired: it contains all the tools a beginner needs, like a refractometer and a beer spindle, all the way through to a carbonation calculator. In my opinion a really good app overall that contains pretty well everything that a beginner could possibly want. And certainly very practical for getting started in your new leisure activity of beer-brewing!


In this varied selection of beer apps, there ought to be something for everyone!  If I’ve whetted your curiosity, and you’re starting on some testing yourself, feel free to tell me your verdicts in the comments section!

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