A MicroCube goes to The Lake District

There is a beautiful place on earth called The Lake District – and it just got even prettier. Tucked in between the lakes and hills of North West England, lies The Hawkshead Brewery – brewing “Beer from The Lakes” since 2002.

The people around brewmaster Matt Clarke obviously know what they are doing, which is why their sales increased rapidly within the first years of the brewery. How they do it? “We make the sort of beer we like to drink – distinctive, full of flavour, handmade, crafted, bold, personal.” The concept works.

Due to their success, Hawkshead’s original brewery was already too small in 2006. So they moved to another site – still within The Lake District, naturally – in order to increase their production capacity to 12,000 hectolitres per annum.

In 2017, Hawkshead Brewery was acquired by Halewood International, the UK’s largest independent family-owned drinks company. Only one year later, it was time for yet another investment in Hawkshead, and The Brewery teamed up with Krones to build an additional facility. The Lake District can now offer picturesque scenery, dreamy boat rides AND a Steinecker MicroCube!

Why did Hawkshead select the MicroCube, you may well ask. “Fairly easy to answer”, says Alexander Hinds, Project Manager at Krones UK. “They were looking for a way to grow quickly without losing any of their authenticity. With the MicroCube, they can do just that. Also, they are happy that they can now trust in Krones quality at a reasonable price.”

Whilst their previous brewhouse was entirely manual, Matt Clarke can now let the MicroCube support him with some partly automated processes. Nevertheless, the craft of brewing will still remain a top priority. Hinds went on, “At Hawskhead Brewery, they will continue developing new beers and experimenting with different styles. For now they are planning to brew the core brands on the new system – which are about four to six different styles – but, when their new beers conquer the market, they will most likely be transferred to the Steinecker brewhouse as well”.

All that is left for me to say is that a visit to The Lake District is always a good idea – and, combining it with a beer or two at the Hawkshead beer hall, sounds like a very good plan.

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