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A look at Steinecker’s new brewing pilot plant

The Brew Center is a dream come true for Dr. Müller-Auffermann, Head of Breweries Product Development, and his colleagues. Because the new brewing pilot plant at Steinecker’s facility opens up entirely new options for the (in most cases) qualified brewers: for the first time Krones can run its own trials directly in the plant, and brew beers with both clients and its own staff.

The person in charge here will be Johannes Eymess, who will be reinforcing the team as the brewmaster hired specifically for the pilot plant, and will be supporting visitors in their brewing trials. He has state-of-the-art technology to use, and can look forward to a diversified remit. The construction of the pilot plant, you see, has several different goals: during visits by clients, Krones will have an opportunity to provide insights into production modalities and demonstrate its corporate capabilities. Moreover, clients will have an opportunity to use the kit for training courses and brewing trials. If, for example, a client is playing with the idea of experimenting with coffee in his brewing operations, he will in future be able to verify for himself in Freising that he can depend on Steinecker’s technology – even before he purchases the kit. And Krones’ own staff, too, are always welcome in the Brew Center: because Dr. Müller-Auffermann and his colleagues are also keen to ensure that staff from other parts of the company get more closely acquainted with the modalities of brewing, and can experience the firm’s own technology hands-on.

Work is still proceeding on the pilot plant, and it will then be inaugurated in December. This week, though, there will be a sneak preview for visitors to the drinktec:

On Wednesday (today) and on Thursday, visitors to the fair will have an opportunity to enjoy an organised tour to Freising. Departure is at 1:00 p.m., return from Freising at 4:00 p.m. Until noon today, visitors interested in the technology of the Brew Center can still register at the information desk.

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