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From at 05.01.2018 Smart Factory turns into hands-on reality

Krones had sent out invitations to attend the first Smart Factory Day in Seoul in June 2017. 164 clients from 38 different companies took part in this event. This impressive figure alone attests to South Korean firms’... Read on

From at 11.09.2017 Krones’ block technology: authentically miraculous space-savers

  Block technology continues to be THE trend in line construction. At the drinktec, Krones will be unveiling a new member in the family: the Modulfill Bloc FS-C, the first Krones filler-seamer block for cans. Accommodating as... Read on

From at 04.11.2015 Still youthful after 80 years

  You can find the English version of the article here on our Craft Beer Blog. Read on

From at 10.09.2015 Shining star

While the latest edition was still at the printer’s, we took a quick look inside: in the 4/15 magazine. And it was well worthwhile! We don’t want to post any spoilers here, but nor did we want... Read on

From at 02.09.2015 The blessed month of August

It supplies us with lots of valuable crops for our beer and is renowned as the month of harvesting: yes, it’s August. At the beginning of the month, wheat, barley and oats are being brought in from... Read on

From at 20.07.2015 The filling valve with intuitive empathy

All of us, probably, at one time or another, have poured a liquid into a glass and seen it foam spectacularly. And even though there are innumerable tricks and tips for coping with this, there’s one thing... Read on