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From at 07.11.2016 “Jambo!” – Kenyan tradition synergised with internationality

No, this isn’t about the well-known pop song “Coco Jambo” by Mr. President. The traditional greeting in Kenya is a hearty “Jambo” (Hallo) in Swahili. Our journey today takes us to a country 10,000 km away, to... Read on

From at 24.10.2016 We’re going to be part of it! 6 trainees – 3 days – 1 mission

from right to left: Xaver Philipp (18), Linda Schaffarzik (18), Dominik Schandri (21) and Lukas Schlauderer (18) Trainee at fair – BrauBeviale 2016 This year it’s coming round yet again – the BrauBeviale in the heart of... Read on

From at 06.10.2016 ¡Krones Ibérica está de fiesta – con Vds.!

Time to celebrate! That´s why we have an exceptional article in Spanish today. Hay novedades del suroeste de Europa! Franz Scheck, Director General de Krones Ibérica, cuenta la evolución en los últimos 35 años y la razón... Read on

From at 30.09.2016 It’s Federweisser time: the leaves are falling, the bubbles are rising!

It’s getting chillier outdoors, the first leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and together we’re ringing in the cosiest time of the year. Now, fruitily quaffable drinks like Federweisser sweeten... Read on

From at 26.09.2016 A colleague on the net: a meeting on Twitter

Like everyone who spends at least part of their time on the net, I “meet” a whole lot of different people online. Admittedly, there are some of them I’d prefer never to have to meet in real... Read on

From at 29.03.2016 Dramatic, gigantic, human

  It’s dark, but you can still see that the sky is clouded over. Only the place where the scene is unrolling is brightly lit. The picture has something dramatic about it, something almost heroic. But it’s... Read on