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From at 20.03.2017 Want to be more relaxed at work? Yes, you can!

Does this sound familiar? After a stressful day at work, even hours after getting home, your head’s still buzzing with thousands of worries all at once. What about the deadline that urgently needs to be met? How... Read on

From at 26.09.2016 A colleague on the net: a meeting on Twitter

Like everyone who spends at least part of their time on the net, I “meet” a whole lot of different people online. Admittedly, there are some of them I’d prefer never to have to meet in real... Read on

From at 01.08.2016 40 years of Field Service with a smile

  It would never occur to anyone who knows Andreas Eger to describe him as a ‘golden-ager’. Despite the fact that he has been with Krones for 40 years, the Academy trainer is certainly not a ‘man... Read on

From at 11.03.2016 A new experience every day

There are people who need their daily routine at the workplace. But in Kely Shiroma’s job as an assistant in the service team at Krones do Brasil, no day is the same as the next. And that’s... Read on

From at 04.03.2016 The perfect balance

In Buenos Aires, the centre of Argentina, you will find is Krones’ subsidiary Surlatina. Axel Carbone works here as part of the LCS team. The hobby restaurateur speaks not only Spanish, his mother tongue, but also fluent... Read on

From at 04.02.2016 The Bavarian Vice-President

Backpacking and mountain- biking in the Bavarian Forest during the summer, off to the ski-slopes in next-door Austria during the winter. These are Alexander Sixt’s favourite activities in his leisure hours. As often as his job permits.... Read on