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From at 24.10.2016 We’re going to be part of it! 6 trainees – 3 days – 1 mission

from right to left: Xaver Philipp (18), Linda Schaffarzik (18), Dominik Schandri (21) and Lukas Schlauderer (18) Trainee at fair – BrauBeviale 2016 This year it’s coming round yet again – the BrauBeviale in the heart of... Read on

From at 14.03.2016 Of Leberkäs and pretzels

Servus, It’s almost six months ago now that I began my internship at Krones in Product Management. Taking Bavarian customs fully on board, I’ve successfully integrated “Servus” (“Hi”) and “Mahlzeit” (“Enjoy your meal”) into my everyday vocabulary.... Read on

From at 15.02.2016 Gifts and design-projects – The development of the Krones Sports-Bottle

After 20 years in the plastics industry, you will have seen many trade fairs. Machines are almost always running to demonstrate show their capabilities, and sometimes giveaways are produced. Things that you might be able to use for... Read on

From at 23.11.2015 Once there was one, now there are two

“You’re lucky you’re starting out with us just after the new canteen opened.” I heard that quite often on my first day at Krones. It was opened on September 7, you see, a week before I began... Read on

From at 20.11.2015 Venturing into a different world

“Oh, you’re from North Rhine-Westphalia. So what brought you to Krones?” A question that I heard quite often in the last weeks of my internship in Product Management. And it’s not a totally unjustified one. Most of the... Read on

From at 09.10.2015 Heart over head to Regensburg

When back in May my cousin offered to go to a Joris concert in Regensburg with me, there were two points that I thought needed clearing up: firstly, would I be able to get to Regensburg at... Read on