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From at 14.09.2017 First Krones system for a combined beverage production and bottling

  For the drinktec, Krones has ventured a innovate relaunch featuring two of its successful products: the Modulfill VFS-M filler with an integrated Contiflow mixer for the first time merges the two process steps of beverage production... Read on

From at 13.09.2017 Revolutionises beer bottling: Dynafill

  The new Dynafill beer filler halves the amount of time needed, shortens distances and merges what used to be two machinery units into one. How is this accomplished? In this innovative filling system, filling and crowning... Read on

From at 11.09.2017 ErgoBloc LM system ordered

  “Optimum efficiency for a high output on a minimised footprint” The market leader for packaged water in the Philippines has decided: Philippine Spring Water Resources has ordered the new ErgoBloc LM. Technical Director Crisante Dayao visited... Read on

From at 10.05.2017 The ErgoBloc L is a best-seller: 200th system sold

  It has been enthusiastically received by water and CSD bottlers all over the world: the ErgoBloc L. Now Krones has booked an order for the 200th system. But what’s special about it is not this minor... Read on

From at 11.03.2016 #PETLine: a hall of stainless steel and bling-bling

You regularly say farewell to it, and it always happens without any fuss or ceremony: whispering a soft, subvocalised “goodbye” – and straight away you consign them to the darkness. You’re never going to see each other... Read on

From at 07.03.2016 #Viscofill: Bling-Bling with character

Choosing secret favourites is in most professions (quire rightly) regarded as no-no: a teacher who gives preference to particular pupils is behaving just as unprofessionally as a football manager who fields only those players whom he likes... Read on