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From at 19.02.2018 From the assembly line to top-level sport

Somebody from our Krones ranks will soon be playing on the football team of an American college. Exciting, wouldn’t you say? I agree. Which is why I immediately got in touch with Julius Welschof, and was promptly... Read on

From at 26.07.2016 What customers want

  If a company were to put together an identikit profile for a “dream employee”, then there would certainly be several key points on the wish list. More than seven years with the company, professional experience abroad,... Read on

From at 30.05.2016 Discovering Krones with an expert

  In the first few weeks of my internship at Krones, I and approximately twenty other interns were privileged to take part in a guided tour of the premises in Neutraubling. In the person of Udo Weusthoff,... Read on

From at 23.12.2015 New Year celebrations worldwide

Now, slowly but surely, the year of 2015 is drawing to a close. For many of us, it has been a good year; though some of us, perhaps, will be happier to put the occasional event behind... Read on

From at 04.12.2015 The key to success

Large clients, in particular, often need special support from Krones. And Steve Peter is responsible for one of these accounts. He handles Coca Cola as a Key Account Manager at Krones Inc. USA. He’s been working there... Read on

From at 23.11.2015 Once there was one, now there are two

“You’re lucky you’re starting out with us just after the new canteen opened.” I heard that quite often on my first day at Krones. It was opened on September 7, you see, a week before I began... Read on