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From at 04.12.2017 The season of goodwill …

“This year we’ll really not going to give each other any presents.” In the run-up to Christmas, this sentence is repeated just as often in my family as Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” on the radio and “It’s... Read on

From at 30.11.2016 “Cinema tokens for the inner-city cinemas …”

… that’s the wish I shall be making come true for a child under the aegis of this year’s Krones Christmas initiative. This enables you to fetch a wish slip from a Christmas tree in Krones’ reception... Read on

From at 23.12.2015 Presumed dead and now resurrected

Who would have thought that they would ever be good for anything again? For in most offices they had already been replaced, superseded by DVD drives and USB. The era of disk drives seemed to be dead... Read on

From at 21.12.2015 “A bird that repeats everything I say”

That’s what I read on the wish slip that I took off the tree this year, and I must admit I was a bit puzzled. Fortunately one of the carers for my eight-year-old elf had seemingly been... Read on

From at 18.12.2015 “Anyone who wants to help will always find a way”

Last year, Krones’ staff for the first time distributed presents to children in homes and with foster families in Regensburg County. The Christmas initiative was a huge success for everyone involved. This year, again for the first... Read on

From at 16.12.2015 From zero to craft beer in 24 days

Find the english article here on our Craft Beer Blog. Read on