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From at 19.12.2017 Three months in Bangkok

It’s meanwhile common knowledge that Krones is growing, and expanding and upgrading its international structures. But what does that mean for the work and knowledge structures of the various specialist departments, for our daily work routines, and... Read on

From at 12.06.2017 Bangkok calling: the ProPak Asia 2017

Thailand – crystal-clear blue water, the soothing sound of the surf, a whole lot of coconuts on the beach, and at the centre of it all the pulsating metropolis of Bangkok. But Bangkok has more to offer... Read on

From at 25.08.2016 V stands for … ?

Well, the first name of our Thai colleague Vasan Lamtien begins with V. But that’s not all. V also stands for versatility. And versatility is the quintessential requirement for his job at Krones in Thailand. Vasan Lamtien... Read on

From at 25.07.2016 Nǐ hǎo,!

  For Lisa and Michael, my two colleagues from Shop Management, the merry month of May was an entirely Asian experience. The two of them went on very exciting and eventful business trips to Shanghai/Taicang and Bangkok... Read on

From at 16.06.2016 ProPak Asia 2016 – Pictures of day 2

  Day two at the ProPak 2016 in Bangkok is already over as well. And again we gathered some impressions and recorded them for you, of course. Have fun browsing through our gallery! Read on

From at 15.06.2016 ProPak Asia 2016 – Pictures of day 1

  The first day at the ProPak in Bangkok is slowly coming to an end. We recorded some of our impressions in order to let you participate at this fair. Have fun browsing through the gallery! Read on