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From at 09.01.2017 “Höger rup” (Onwards and upwards!) – a piece of Flensburg’s history

The history of our plant in Flensburg begins two years before Krones was founded in Neutraubling. However, the development of the two facilities was so similar over the ensuing decades, that looking back it can justifiably be... Read on

From at 07.01.2015 Variety is the spice of training!

Accepted for a traineeship as a Technical Product Designer at Krones! Back then, I was really pleased about it. And now, too, over a year later, I’m just as delighted to have this marvellous opportunity. Why do... Read on

From at 19.12.2014 Brewing competition: A world first from Krones students

A group from Hamburg-Harburg University of Applied Science had had enough of those run-of-the-mill beers from the supermarket and this year hosted the fifth international brewing competition for universities. The competition has for some time now been... Read on

From at 19.12.2014 Trainee at fair: #BB14 – Mission completed – #over

Exciting, enjoyable moments always pass far too quickly. What remains of them? Fragmented memories of particular places, particular people, particular conversations. At Neutraubling, Nittenau, Nuremberg, Murau, and the mission, in which eight trainees were tasked with becoming... Read on

From at 01.12.2014 More of a pioneer than a prototype – one of the very first sandwich-course students

As one of the very first guys, you’re always walking the tightrope between being a pioneer or a prototype. Stefan Schmidt from Neutraubling was one of these. Krones has been offering sandwich courses for ten years now... Read on

From at 14.11.2014 A turbocharged personal maturation process

There’s nothing nicer than beginning something new when you’ve previously completed something successfully. As 19 trainees can confirm who have just passed the first stage of their Profile 21 course, and have been rewarded with a craft... Read on