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From at 18.06.2018 #dpok Award for the Krones website concept

You and I probably do it every day: surfing – I mean on the web, of course. Reading the latest news, looking up the opening hours of a doctor’s practice or a restaurant, or looking at comparable... Read on

From at 04.06.2018 “In suco veritas” – In juice there is truth

A glass of wine a day is good for your health. A claim that has stubbornly retained its credence. Irrespective of whether this has ever been medically confirmed, many epicures and wine-lovers firmly believe it. As does... Read on

From at 23.04.2018 The new ErgoBloc LM – a true all-rounder

A block solution that’s attractive and rewarding not only for the global players, but also for small and mid-tier enterprises. That was the idea of Krones’ development team. What emerged was the ErgoBloc LM – a result that’s... Read on

From at 16.04.2018 ReadyKit – for consistent IT interlinkage of your filling lines

Cost-efficient and effective: the IT solution for line optimisation Transparency in the filling operations. This is what every beverage producer wants – not least for his existing lines. Krones shows how by means of ReadyKit your filling... Read on

From at 09.04.2018 Quality = Customer Satisfaction = Quality

We’re living in a fast-moving world – everything has to be handled more swiftly, more efficiently. Time is proverbially money. But what use is a swiftly completed product if features that are of particular importance for the... Read on

From at 22.03.2018 Concept Bottle: PET and paper in combination

At this year’s Anuga FoodTec, production and process technology are major topics – but not the only ones. We’re also presenting an innovation on the field of packaging for milk and juice. Behind it lies the idea... Read on