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From at 07.12.2017 Major order in South America

  June in Chile is hardly the most attractive of months for heat-loving sun-worshippers. There is no respite from its chilly, clammy embrace. But in 2016 something is different. It’s happening near the coastal city of Concón... Read on

From at 29.09.2017 Three generations of the Contiform: a retrospective

 1997 in Neutraubling: a handful of staff are tasked with a job that’s so visionary for Krones that at first people make fun of it. That’s how the story of the Contiform began. Right from the start,... Read on

From at 22.09.2017 Journey to the centre of the machine

In the last few months, there was only one overriding issue here at Krones: the drinktec 2017. This is the world’s biggest trade fair for the international beverage industry, and Krones was there to be marvelled at... Read on

From at 21.09.2017 Evoguard: How can a mechanical valve be digitalised?

Evoguard asked itself an exciting question: how can a mechanical valve, i.e. a physical component “learn to talk”, meaning how can it be digitalised? Up to now, continuous maintenance and inspection of the valves and their sealing... Read on

From at 19.09.2017 Simple, flexible, dependable operator control

  With the new Connected HMI platform, Krones is setting new benchmarks in terms of technology, usability and harmonised consistency: the interface between man and machine, abbreviated to HMI (Human-Machine Interface), ensures that both sides can communicate... Read on

From at 14.09.2017 Direct printing machine DecoType Select

  A pioneering technology now enters series production: at the last drinktec Krones exhibited a prototype of the DecoType family, and meanwhile the digital direct printing machine has attained product maturity. At this year’s fair, the DecoType... Read on